I know the website is called Puckoffeh and most Canadians care much more about Hockey than Basketball, but over the last few years Canada has made some huge strides in developing some NBA ready players and with the much hyped Canadian Andrew Wiggins being drafted first overall in the 2014 NBA draft making it the second year in a row a Canadian topped the annual draft after Anthony Bennett was the first Canadian to go first overall in the 2013 NBA draft. The game may have been inventedĀ in the USA back in 1981, actually in Springfield, Massachusetts, but the great mind behind it was none other than Canadian born Dr. James Naismith a physical education professor at the YMCA. My goal with this page is to focus on the Canadian angle as it relates to Basketball with a focus on Canadians playing in the NBA, past and present and a detailed look at the Toronto Raptors the only Canadian team left. A look back at the Vancouver Grizzlies time in Canada before they moved to Memphis will also be highlighted. Basketball Pages

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