Canadian MLB Players

There have been more than 230 players to play in the Major Leagues holding a Canadian Passport.

Just under 30 of these players are active today.

The only Canadian to hold a spot in the Hall of Fame is Pitcher Ferguson Jenkins who was inducted in 1991.

After taking a look at awards won by Canadians Major Leaguers I don’t think a player like Larry Walker will have to wait too long before becoming the second Canadian in the Major League Hall Of Fame. Walker was the first Canadian to win an MVP award in the league (1997 NL) and two other Canadians have since followed, Justin Morneau (2006 AL), and Joey Votto (2010 NL).

Two Canadian Pitchers have taken home the CY Young Award as the Leagues top pitcher Hall of Famer Ferguson Jenkins (1971 NL) and Éric Gagné (2003 NL).

The only Canadian player to win the Rookie of the Year Award is Jason Bay (2004 NL).

Four different players have taken home the Silver Slugger Award. They include Larry Walker (3 times, 1992, 1997, 1999 NL), Justin Morneau (2 times, 2006, 2008 AL), Jason Bay (2009 AL) and Russell Martin (2007 NL).

The 3 Canadian Gold Glove winners are Larry Walker (7 times, 1992–93, 1997–99, 2001–02 NL), Russell Martin (2007 NL), Joey Votto (2011 NL).

The Hank Aaron Award given out to the AL and NL top hitter has only been around since 1999 and Joey Votto (2010 NL) has been the only Canadian to take this award home.

The Rolaids Relief Man Award has been around since 1976, but John Axford (2011 NL) is the lone Canadian to take this award home.

Batting Championships and Home Run Championships have only been won by one Canadian. 3 Time Batting Championship winner Larry Walker (1998–1999, 2001 NL) who also won the NL Home Run race in 1997.

You have to be a pretty quick runner to win the award for Triples in a year and the only Canadian to do this is Jeff Heath who accomplished the feat twice (1938, 1941 AL).

The home run derby is an annual event the night before the all star game where those selected to the big game battle it out launching them over the fence with only a certain amount of opportunities. It a collection of the leagues best sluggers and the only Canadian to beat out the rest was Justin Morneau (2008).

14 different Canadians have played in the All Star Game. None more than Larry Walker (5 times, 1992, 1997–99, 2001 NL), who’s followed closely by Justin Morneau (4 times, 2007–10 AL) and Joey Votto (4 times, 2010–13 NL). Only 2 players have played for both the AL and the NL in the game and are both 3 time all stars Jason Bay (2005–2006 NL, 2009 AL) and Russell Martin (2007–2008 NL, 2011 AL). Other 3 time All Stars include Éric Gagné (2002–2004 NL), and Hall of Famer Ferguson Jenkins (1967,1971–72 NL). Making it to the game twice are Ryan Dempster (2000 NL, 2008 NL) and Jeff Heath (1941, 1943 AL). Single invitations to the All Star games were also earned by Terry Puhl (1978 NL), Paul Quantrill (2001 AL), Claude Raymond (1966 NL), Jeff Zimmerman (1999 NL), Jason Dickson (1997 AL)

Active Canadian MLB Players (Some currently not active in MLB but are still playing)
Player (Position) – Current Team – Past Teams – Year of Birth (Birthplace) – Player Pages
– Andrew Albers (Pitcher) – Toronto Blue Jays (2015-Present), Hanwka Eagles (Korea 2014-Present),  Minnesota Twins (2013) – Born 1985 (North Battleford, Saskatchewan) – PageBlue Jays Player Page
– Phillipe Aumont (Pitcher) – Philadelphia Phillies (2012-Present) – None – Born 1989 (Gatineau, Quebec) – PagePhillies Player Page
– John Axford (Pitcher) – Cleveland Indians (2014-Present) – St. Louis Cardinals (2013), Milwaukee Brewers (2009-2013) – Born 1983 (Simcoe, Ontario) – Page? Player Page
– Jason Bay (Left fielder) – Free Agent – San Diego Padres (2003), Pittsburgh Pirates (2003–2008), Boston Red Sox (2008–2009), New York Mets (2010–2012), Seattle Mariners (2013) – Born 1978 (Trail, British Columbia) – Page? Player Page
– Érik Bédard (Pitcher) – Tampa Bay Rays (2014-Present) – Baltimore Orioles (2002–2007), Seattle Mariners (2008–2011), Boston Red Sox (2011), Pittsburgh Pirates (2012), Houston Astros (2013) – Born 1979 (Navan, Ontario) – Page? Player Page
– Jesse Crain (Pitcher) – Houston Astros (2014-Present) – Minnesota Twins (2004-2010), Chicago White Sox (2011-13) – Born 1981 (Toronto, Ontario) – Page? Player Page
– Ryan Dempster (Pitcher) – Boston Red Sox (2013-Present) – Florida Marlins (1998–2002), Cincinnati Reds (2002–2003), Chicago Cubs (2004–2012), Texas Rangers 2012 – Born 1977 (Gibsons, British Columbia) – Page? Player Page
– Scott Diamond (Pitcher) – Minnesota Twins (2011-present) – None – Born 1986 (Guelph, Ontario) – Page? Player Page
– Jeff Francis (Pitcher) – Cincinatti Reds (2014-Present) – Colorado Rockies (2004–2010), Kansas City Royals (2011), Colorado Rockies (2012) – Born 1981 (North Delta, British Columbia) – Page? Player Page
– Taylor Green (Third Baseman/First Baseman) – Milwaukee Brewers (2008-Present) – None – Born 1986 (Comox, British Columbia) – Page? Player Page
– Rich Harden (Pitcher) – Free Agent – Oakland Athletics (2003–2008), Chicago Cubs (2008–2009), Texas Rangers (2010), Oakland Athletics (2011) – Born 1981 (Victoria, British Columbia) – Page? Player Page
– Jim Henderson (Pitcher) – Milwaukee Brewers (2012-Present) – None – Born 1982 (Calgary, AB) – Page? Player Page
– Shawn Hill (Pitcher) – Detroit Tigers – Minors (2014-Present) – Montreal Expos (2004), Washington Nationals (2006-2008), San Diego Padres (2009), Toronto Blue Jays (2010,2012) – Born 1981 (Mississauga, Ontario) – Player Page
– George Kottaras (Catcher) – Chicago Cubs (2014-Present) – San Diego Padres (2006), Boston Red Sox (2007–2009), Milwaukee Brewers (2010–2012), Oakland Athletics (2012), Kansas City Royals (2013) – Born 1983 (Scarborough, Ontario) – Page? Player Page
– Brett Lawrie (Third Baseman) – Toronto Blue Jays (2011-Present) – Milwaukee Brewers (Minors 2009-10) – Born 1990 (Langley, British Columbia) – Page? Player Page
– Christopher Leroux (Pitcher) – New York Yankees (2014-Present) – Florida Marlins (2009-2010), Pittsburgh Pirates (2010-2013) – Born 1984 (Montreal, Quebec) – Page? Player Page
– Adam Loewen (Former Pitcher, Current First Baseman and Outfielder) – Toronto Blue Jays (Minors) – Toronto Blue Jays (2011), Baltimore Orioles (2006-08) – Born 1984 (Surrey, British Columbia) – Page? Player Page
– Trystan Magnuson (Pitcher) – Free Agent – Oakland Athletics (2011) – Born 1985 (Vancouver, British Columbia) – Page? Player Page
– Russell Martin (Catcher) – Pittsburgh Pirates (2013-Present) – Los Angeles Dodgers (2006-2010), New York Yankees (2011-2012) – Born 1983 (Toronto, Ontario) – Page? Player Page
– Scott Mathieson (Pitcher) – Yomiuri Giants (Japan 2012-Present) – Philadelphia Phillies (2006,2010-2011) – Born 1984 (Vancouver, British Columbia) – Page? Player Page
– Justin Morneau (First Baseman) – Colorado Rockies (2014-Present) – Minnesota Twins (2003-2013), Pittsburgh Pirates (2013) – Born 1981 (New Westminster, British Columbia) – Page? Player Page
– Mike Nickeas (Catcher) – Toronto Blue Jays (2013-Present) – New York Mets (2010-2012) – Born 1983 (Vancouver, British Columbia) – Page? Player Page
– Pete Orr (Infielder) – Milwaukee Brewers (2014-Present) – Atlanta Braves (2005–2007), Washington Nationals (2008-2010), Philadelphia Phillies (2011-present) – Born 1979 (Richmond Hill, Ontario) – Page? Player Page
– Scott Richmond (Pitcher) – Texas Rangers (2013-Present Minors) – Toronto Blue Jays (2008-2012) – Born 1979 (North Vancouver, British Columbia) – Page? Player Page
– Michael Saunders (Center Fielder) – Toronto Blue Jays (2015-Present), Seattle Mariners (2009-2014) – Born 1986 (Victoria, British Columbia) – PageBlue Jays Player Page
– Rene Tosoni (Outfielder) – Sioux City Explorers (American Association of Independent Professional Baseball 2014-Present) – Milwaukee Breweres (2013 – Minors Only) Minnesota Twins (2011)- Born 1986 (Toronto, Ontario) – Player Page
– Joey Votto (First Baseman) – Cincinnati Reds (2007-Present) – None – Born 1983 (Toronto, Ontario) – PageReds Player Page

All time list of Retired Canadian MLB Players
Bob Alexander
Wiman Andrus
Bill Atkinson
Derek Aucoin
Ed Bahr
John Balaz
Vince Barton
Denis Boucher
Ted Bowsfield
Ryan Braun
Tom Burgess
Rich Butler
Rob Butler
Ralph Buxton
Paul Calvert
Jack “Happy Jack” Cameron
Bob Casey
Stubby Clapp
Nig Clarke
Reggie Cleveland
Jim Cockman
Chub Collins
Frank Colman
Bunk Congalton
Rheal Cormier
Barry Cort
Pete Craig
Ken Crosby
Clarence Currie
Éric Cyr
Tom Daly
Ray Daviault
Dave Davidson
Shorty Dee
Fred Demarais
Jason Dickson
Jerry Dorsey
John Doyle
Rob Ducey
Steve Dunn
Bob Emslie
Joe Erautt
Harry Fisher
Gene Ford
Russ Ford
Dick Fowler
Doug Frobel
Éric Gagné
Mike Gardiner
Alex Gardner
George Gibson
Roland Gladu
Glen Gorbous
Jack Graney
Jason Green
Steve Green
Aaron Guiel
Vern Handrahan
Alex Hardy
Tim Harkness
Bill Harris
Tom Harrison
Blake Hawksworth (Pitcher) – St. Louis Cardinals (2009–2010), Los Angeles Dodgers (2011–2012) – Born 1983 (North Vancouver, British Columbia)
Jeff Heath
John Hiller
Paul Hodgson
Bob Hooper
Vince Horsman
Peter Hoy
John Humphries
Bill Hunter
Jim Hyndman
Arthur Irwin
John Irwin
Ferguson Jenkins
Abbie Johnson
Mike Johnson
Spud Johnson
Bill Jones
Mike Jones
Oscar Judd
Win Kellum
Mel Kerr
Mike Kilkenny
Danny Klassen
Joe Knight
Jimmy Knowles
George Korince
Corey Koskie
Joe Krakauskas
Andy Kyle
Pete Laforest
Ty LaForest
Fred Lake
Larry Landreth
Sam LaRoque
Ron Law
Andy Lawrence
Jim Lawrence
Pete LePine
Dick Lines
Rick Lisi
Red Long
Pat Lyons
Eric Mackenzie
Ken MacKenzie
Bill Magee
Georges Maranda
Phil Marchildon
Matt Maysey
Ralph McCabe
Kirk McCaskill
Art McGovern
Cody McKay
Dave McKay
Jim McKeever
Larry McLean
Charlie Mead
Chris Mears
Doc Miller
Jerrie Moore
Jon Morrison
Bill Mountjoy
Henry Mullin
Larry Murphy
Aaron Myette
Kevin Nicholson
John O’Brien
Dan O’Connor
Greg O’Halloran
Bill O’Hara
Bill O’Neill
Fred O’Neill
Harry O’Neill
Tip O’Neill
Frank O’Rourke
Fred Osborne
Brian Ostrosser
Frank Owens
Henry Oxley
Dave Pagan
Bill Pfann
Bill Phillips
Ron Piché
Ed Pinnance
Jim Pirie
Gordie Pladson
Simon Pond
Terry Puhl
Paul Quantrill
Ryan Radmanovich
Newt Randall
Claude Raymond
Billy Reid
Jim Riley
Sherry Robertson
Goody Rosen
Ernie Ross
Dave Rowan
Jean-Pierre Roy
Johnny Rutherford
Patrick Scanlan
George Selkirk
Harvey Shank
Vince Shields
Dave Shipanoff
Joe Siddall
Steve Sinclair
Bert Sincock
Bud Sketchley
Frank Smith
Pop Smith
Tom Smith
Paul Spoljaric
Ed Springer
Max St. Pierre
Matt Stairs
Bob Steele
Adam Stern
Andy Stewart
R. J. Swindle (Pitcher) – Milwaukee Brewers (2009), Philadelphia Phillies (2008) – Born 1983 (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Ron Taylor
Scott Thorman
John Upham
Gene Vadeboncoeur
Ozzie Van Brabant
Rube Vickers
Dave Wainhouse
George Walker
Larry Walker
Pete Ward
Bill Watkins
Joe Weber
Milt Whitehead
Lefty Wilkie
Nigel Wilson
Steve Wilson
Ed Wingo
Fred Wood
George Wood
Pete Wood
Jeff Zimmerman
Jordan Zimmerman

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